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Corporate Responsibility
Our Environment
   -- Development of Current Energy
Our People
   -- Health & Safety
   -- Staff Training
   -- Staff Activities
Social Duty
   -- Education Assistance
Staff Activities and welfare

We have the agility and commitment to bring balance into the lives of our employees. We want to bring out the best in each of our employees through the following Employee activities initiatives:

Annual company trip

The annual spring outing is an important activity to reflect the culture of WANCHI and enhance staff cohesion. Employees enjoy the beauty, at the same time increase human knowledge; ease the pressure of routine work, and to further enrich the staff's spare time. This will strengthen communication and exchange among employees, and enhance employee engagement and corporate cohesion

Sport Meeting


The 5th Sports Meeting of Qinhuangdao ETDZ
Employees in the tug-of-war contest held by the Qinhuangdao Economic and Technological Development Zone


WANCHI's 10th Anniversary ceremony was held on 15th July, 2012.

Furthermore, WANCHI strictly complies with insurance policies stipulated by national, provincial, and municipal authorities, and establishes and improves the system of employees insurance. It buys endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, employment injury insurance, supplementary medical insurance, and a housing fund for all employees according to laws,, and withdraws welfare expenses from income according to relevant regulations, so as to guarantee employees’ welfare are adequately taken care of.

Pastoral Life


WANCHI provides a large open space for staff who is interested in planting. Staff spends spare time to cultivate his favorite kinds of vegetable or fruit and enjoys the labor work and happiness during the whole process and share the harvest. Everyone dreams to experience the life of pastoral to show concern to the environment and desire to return to the nature. WANCHI makes it come true. This relaxed place is not only the vegetable garden, but also a place to encourage and comfort spirit.

Tel: 86-335-5936000 FAX:86-335-5936006/002 ext 112/113 E-mail:market@wanchi.com.cn